[cfe-dev] Clang Static Analyzer - BugReporter::EmitBasicReport with Stmt

Gábor Kozár kozargabor at gmail.com
Tue May 7 09:32:48 PDT 2013


In a Static Analyzer checker, using AST matchers, I located an
IntegerLiteral that I want to report. I'm trying to do this with
BugReporter::EmitBasicReport, which requires a PathDiagnosticLocation.

There is PathDiagnosticLocation::createBegin that I've used before with
previous checkers - unfortunately, the overload that accepts an Stmt* (as
an IntegerLiteral is not a Decl, but it is an Stmt) also requires a
mysterious third parameter, a LocationOrAnalysisDeclContext. I tried
looking through the documentation, but apparently anything that returns a
LocationDeclContext or AnalysisDeclContext either require a CheckerContext
(which I don't have, because I'm in checkEndOfTranslationUnit: all I have
is the TranslationUnitDecl, the AnalysisManager and the BugReporter), or a

Any clues on how could I do this? I'm using Clang 3.2.

Note: I'm aware that the Clang Static Analyzer by default is not linked to
libASTMatchers, but I solved that, that is NOT the issue here.


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