[cfe-dev] [libcxx] RFC: C++14 and beyond

Jonathan Sauer jonathan.sauer at gmx.de
Thu May 2 11:29:00 PDT 2013


>> Regarding the numbering... at the moment "C++14" are enabled in gcc by using -std=c++1y (and I believe in Clang too), maybe using 1Y for now and changing it to 14 (or 15) once the Standard is finalized would work ?
> How do you detect that a compilation was invoked with the "std=c++1y" flag?
> The traditional way of doing that is by inspecting the preprocessor define __cplusplus, but the value for that has not been determined for C++14.

As far as clang is concerned this could be handled by __has_feature, e.g. __has_feature(cpp1y).
(or some other identifier that doesn't have the "ell" vs "one" disambiguation problem.)


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