[cfe-dev] Hardware for building LLVM+Clang in 10-20 minutes

Anton Yartsev anton.yartsev at gmail.com
Sun Mar 31 12:52:56 PDT 2013

On 30.03.2013 6:51, NAKAMURA Takumi wrote:
> Anton, FYI, one of my builders can build clang by 5 to 6 minutes (with
> just-built-clang w/o Assertions).
> http://bb.pgr.jp/builders/clang-3stage-x86_64-linux/builds/112
> It is; AMD FX-8350, 32GB of RAM and Intel X25-M G2 SSD, Linux x86-64.
> I know it will be faster with more expensive box. Working in progress...
> I strongly suggest you may throw away Windows out of the window :p
> Otherwise, I suggest you may take cmake and ninja for (mingw32|msvc).
> They work better. Feel free to ask.
I am feeling next to it - no one of 'make' ports I tried (Compiled from 
the MSYS trunk, Migw32, Migw64, TDM-GCC) handle multiple jobs correctly.
There is likely an old bug causing make to freeze randomly when -jN with 
N>1 is passed to it. (I found reports with similar problem in MinGW 
mailing list 
the possible reasons, but no workaround; even found a patch from a user 
that should fix this, but got another errors when used 'make', compiled 
with this patch).

A good idea, thanx! I'll try to use cmake instead of configure. May it 
produce makefiles that mingw32-make.exe from MinGW64 accept.
mingw32-make.exe is my last hope on a simple solution, but currently it 
ends up with (renamed mingw32-make.exe to make.exe) :

Makefile:141: /f/llvm_COMMON/Makefile.rules: No such file or directory
make.EXE: *** No rule to make target `/f/llvm_COMMON/Makefile.rules'.  Stop.

, while 'make' from MSYS build without errors (but hangs randomly).

MS2012 builds+tests for 20 minutes, but I want MinGW to also work :)
Morover, it produces Clang, that is unable to link files due to 
unresolved externals.
(the problem is likely related to name mangling issues 

and that's that!

> ...Takumi
> 2013/3/29 Anton Yartsev <anton.yartsev at gmail.com>:
>> Hi all!
>> I have finally decided to upgrade from my old Core 2 Duo E8500, 6GB DDR2 400
>> MHz.
>> Currently the full building+testing of llvm lasts for hours (slightly faster
>> with VS2008, slightly slower with MinGW) and makes everything lag.
>> Ideally would be happy to perform build+test for about 10-20 minutes, as
>> some fast builders do, and have no lags with other useful applications, such
>> as browsers and Acrobat, during building/testing.
>> Please can anybody advise me an appropriate hardware? Or just tell, what
>> hardware the fast buildbots are running (specifically
>> clang-native-mingw64-win7, clang-x86_64-ubuntu-gdb-75 and
>> clang-x86_64-debian-fast)?
>> --
>> Anton
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