[cfe-dev] [Patch] Update to Checker Development Manual

Sam Handler samuel.handler+cfedev at gmail.com
Sun Mar 24 17:49:01 PDT 2013

Hello all,

Several months ago, I posted a tutorial about developing a plugin for the
Analyzer. After some discussion, it was decided that parts of the tutorial
should be integrated into the existing Checker Development Manual.

I've finally had time to complete the majority of this work. Attached is a
patch that contains the changes to date. This adds the following
 - Custom Program States
 - Checker Skeleton
 - Bug Reports
 - Additional sources of information

I also cleaned up the table of contents a bit, and fixed a incorrect </a>

There are still some other parts that I am looking at adding, most notably
a description of how the Analyzer processes through a function, building
the program state (I had an example of this in the original tutorial, but I
now think it will need to be completely rewritten). Since I'm not sure how
long these additional sections will take, I want to get the ball rolling on
getting these changes reviewed and merged.


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