[cfe-dev] Quality of Objective-C++ compiler

Jean-Daniel Dupas devlists at shadowlab.org
Thu Mar 21 02:27:14 PDT 2013

Le 21 mars 2013 à 01:35, James Gregurich <bayoubengal at mac.com> a écrit :

> While digging around on the web to figure out what should be perfectly valid ObjC+ blocks code wouldn't compile on llvm-gcc 4.2, I ran into the following comment on the quality of the ObjC++ support. Questions:
> 1) Was this characterization valid?   
> 2) Is this characterization of ObjC++ true with the current clang/llvm implementation?

This is a comment based on nothing.
For instance, -fobjc-arc-exceptions slow down only the exception throwing because it properly handle the stack unwiding, and it does not slow it down more than enabling exception in any C++ code.

Obj-C++ is a first class language in clang.

>> <soapbox>I recommend avoiding Objective-C++ as much as possible. It's slow to compile, bloated to run (particularly with ARC since it turns on -fobjc-arc-exceptions), buggy in the compiler and the debugger, and mostly a mess in my experience giving the worst of both worlds. C++ is fine. Objective-C is fine. Just keep the interface between them as small as possible. </soapbox>
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7031540/variable-is-not-a-static-member-of-class

-- Jean-Daniel

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