[cfe-dev] operatorCallExpr() AST matcher not working as expected

qiuyin at gmail.com qiuyin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 23:17:38 PDT 2013

Define special stmt as those nodes for which shouldUseDataRecursionFor() returns true (namely, binary operator, unary operator, case stmt, and cxx operator call). It looks like RecursiveASTVisitor::dataTraverse() skips all special stmts whose parent is another special stmt. That's why the second op call was not visited. Because it is a special stmt, and its parent, the assign binary operator is special too. Perhaps i am ignorant, but is this intended behavior?

¿¿¿ Yin Qiu <qiuyin at gmail.com>
To: <cfe-dev at cs.uiuc.edu>
Date: 2013年3月19日 星期二 上午08时51分25秒
Subject: operatorCallExpr() AST matcher not working as expected


Given this code snippet,

  1 class Bar
  2 {
  3   public:
  4     int operator()(int);
  5 };
  7 void foo()
  8 {
  9   Bar bar;
 10   int i1;
 11   bar(1);
 12   i1 = bar(1);
 13 }

An operatorCallExpr matcher is able to find the the first
CXXOperatorCallExpr at line 11 but not the one at line 12.
MatchASTVisitor seems to skip a CXXOperatorCallExpr node under a
BinaryOperator. Is this expected?


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