[cfe-dev] Code owner nomination for cpp11-migrate

Du Toit, Stefanus stefanus.du.toit at intel.com
Tue Mar 12 11:55:31 PDT 2013

Having heard no objection, I'll take that as approval and add a code
owners file to extra tomorrow unless I hear otherwise.



Stefanus Du Toit <stefanus.du.toit at intel.com>
Intel Waterloo
Phone: 519-591-1738

On 2013-03-07 1:26 PM, "Du Toit, Stefanus" <stefanus.du.toit at intel.com>

>I'd like to nominate Edwin Vane as the code owner for cpp11-migrate.
>Edwin's part of the team that's developing this tool full-time, and has
>made nearly all commits in it so far (excluding the previous work on
>I suppose we don't really have a precedent for code owners in extra, but
>we need one for cpp11-migrate as we now have several folks contributing
>steadily to it.
>Stefanus Du Toit <stefanus.du.toit at intel.com>
>Intel Waterloo
>Phone: 519-591-1738
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