[cfe-dev] Strange assembly behavior

Vincent Habchi vince at macports.org
Mon Mar 11 06:46:24 PDT 2013

Hi James!

> A jump to the next instruction is often a sideeffect of looking at a non-relocated object with relocations to apply. Have you run this through objdump with the -r flag (objdump -dr $FILE) and seen if there is a relocation to apply to the jump?
> I'm concerned about the lack of the code after MCCLEAN:, but it could be that the debugger is just not showing it to you for some reason - I'd check with objdump first as that never lies :)

Thanks. You’re right, of course: everything is back using objdump. I don’t understand why lldb won’t show the epilog code. Thanks do much for the hint; by the way, -dr does not work: you have to type -d -r.

This is good news for clang, but not for me: I have still to figure out why this code fails. May be I’ll be back later…

Have a great day,

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