[cfe-dev] tabs in the input and their effect on the column position

Dimitri van Heesch dimitri at stack.nl
Sat Mar 9 13:06:02 PST 2013

Hi All,

I'm currently experimenting with improving doxygen's parsing capabilities by using the information from clang. 
I'm using the libclang functions clang_tokenize and clang_annotateTokens to create hyperlinked and syntax highlighted 
output for the source files processed by doxygen.

So far it works quite well, but when the source file contains a tab character this seems to be counted as one character, causing
the output to be misaligned.

Is there some way to configure the number of spaces in a tab? or is there a way to replace tabs by spaces before sending the
contents of a file to libclang, without first having to write the detabbed file to disk?

Any help is appreciated.


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