[cfe-dev] Clang -ast-dump-xml question

Matthias Grimmer grimmer at ssw.jku.at
Tue Mar 5 02:41:55 PST 2013


we are using clang and its -ast-dump-xml feature. Our goal is to convert 
the serialized clang-AST to a different code representation.
We think that the output, that -ast-dump-xml produces, is not well 
suited for parsing. Statements are represented as ASCII styled trees and 
also contain parts that
confuse XML parsers (e.g. <line:18:2, col:18>).
Is there a better way to get a serialized version of the clang AST (XML, 
or any other format that is easier to parse)?
We would like to avoid writing a clang AST visitor for this purpose.

Thanks in advance

- Matthias Grimmer

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