[cfe-dev] LibTooling CompilationDatabase

Lukas Vogel lukedirtwalkerdev at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 09:30:33 PST 2013


I want to create a Tool integrated in another application therefore I won't
have a main function to call the tool. Which means I want to create the
compilation database myself.
(I need the tool to translate from clang ast to another ast (in memory
structure) for a visual representation of the code)

Do I need a CompilationDatabase anyway because I only want to do
frontendactions (no compilation - just preprocessing and ast visiting) ?

>From the documentation I got the structure that is needed for compilation
database file but I don't really understand what has to be in there.

Also I would like to know what actually happens internally by calling

Or would it be easier to just read the code in manually and then call
runToolOnCode() ?

I would be happy if someone could clarify this whole thing a bit or point
me to a Tutorial or some other example. (I looked through the clang
Documentation pages but it didn't help me so far)

Thanks in advance.


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