[cfe-dev] [GSoC] Remote-compiling programs with Clang

henry miller hank at millerfarm.com
Sat Mar 2 04:30:06 PST 2013

I just copied a part of your message to reply to. 

Are you aware of ice cream? It is inspired by distcc, and often is better than distcc for large build farms.  Clang is supported in the latest versions. It doesn't solve the network bandwidth issue, but I find it is better for large compile farms.  (Even supporting cross compiling on machines different from your own architecture!)

That isn't to say your idea is bad, there are things that a clang based server could do well.  However there are also limits to such a system. (What if machines have different versions of  clang?) I encourage someone to try it to out and see if the advantages are worth the limits (or perhaps the limits I can think of are solveable). For the near future current tools are good enough.

Denis Steckelmacher <steckdenis at yahoo.fr> wrote:

>The first point is already well covered by distcc, except that distcc
>has some limitations that limit its use (for instance, it preprocesses
>the code on the local computer and then sends a huge amount of data on
>the network, thereby limiting the use of more than 2 or 3 remote
>computers). You can ask distcc not to preprocess the code on the local
>machine, but the locale machine and the remote one then need to run the
>exact same operating system and have all the include files at the same

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