[cfe-dev] g++ test net20.c generates wrong code

Pankaj Gode godepankaj at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 27 01:05:23 PST 2013

Hi All,
I am using the  net20.c test case for pointer to member function to compile with clang.
This test generates wrong code when compiled using 
'clang  -x c++ ...'
The output it prints is:
define { i32, i32 } @_Z3feev() nounwind {
  %retval = alloca { i32, i32 }, align 4
  br label %lab, !dbg !16
lab:                                              ; preds = %lab, %entry
  br label %lab, !dbg !18
return:                                           ; No predecessors!
  %0 = load { i32, i32 }* %retval, !dbg !19
  ret { i32, i32 } %0, !dbg !19

Here I see the function is returning '{i32,i32}' i.e. pointer to member function, which is not right, as it should  return 'void'.
Is clang not recognizing this correctly or am I making any mistake ?
Thanks & Regards,
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