[cfe-dev] Evolution of advanced refactoring support

Markus Elfring Markus.Elfring at web.de
Tue Feb 26 13:02:48 PST 2013

> We did not find that coccinelle matched what we needed, but a lot of 
> it might be related to "effort of implementation".

I find that the Coccinelle technology is a promising approach. It works 
for patches on C programming language files.

I assume that you imagine a different data structure for the 
specification of consistent source code transformations across 
translation units.

> It's definitely not something we're going to do :)

It is a pity. - I hope that some results from knowledge areas like 
Smalltalk, Java or OCaml can be better reused in the near future.
Would you like to avoid to reinvent a "coding wheel"?


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