[cfe-dev] Traces of SVal in BugReporterVisitor

Anna Zaks ganna at apple.com
Thu Feb 21 17:59:30 PST 2013

You both mention tracking SVals. I just want to highlight that SVals are transient values, so symbols or regions should be tracked (added to state) instead. See Representing Values here:

You can take a look at visitors implemented in BugReporterVisitors and add the ones that are useful for your checker on BugReport creation. For example, DereferenceChecker and DivZeroChecker call bugreporter::trackNullOrundefValue helper, which adds a few visitors to the bug report. It contains heuristics, which decide what expressions along the path would be important to show when the user needs an explanation on why a an expression evaluates to zero or is undefined.

You can play with the existing checkers to see what to expect. For example:
// Null ptr dereference
int f(int i) {
 int *a = 0;
 int *c = a;
 return *c;

/Users/zaks/tmp/ex.c:26:5: note: Variable 'a' initialized to a null pointer value
 int *a = 0;
/Users/zaks/tmp/ex.c:28:5: note: Variable 'c' initialized to a null pointer value
 int *c = a;
/Users/zaks/tmp/ex.c:29:12: note: Dereference of null pointer (loaded from variable 'c')
 return *c;

The original example, has a division operation "int b = a/i;". Here, the analyzer doesn't even know that 'b' is zero. (Due to constraint manager not modeling division.)
int f2(int i) {
 int a = 0;
 int b = a/i;
 int c = b;
 return 5/c;
// no warning reported

On Feb 21, 2013, at 1:51 AM, YuvalShahar <yuval.shahar.007 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Gerard, Anna,
> I have been trying to do the same thing, or should I say "failing to do the
> same thing..." :)
> I tried adding a checker that will add sval-s to the state as they are
> created, and then let the BugReporterVisitor trace the state in which they
> were added. This requires a ProgramStateTrait that is known both to the
> checker and to the visitor, and though I try following the Taint examole, I
> am currently stuck in this direction too.

If the notes you are trying to add are checker-specific, you need to implement a visitor in the same file as the checker. The ProgramStateTrait will be visible. See Malloc checker and RetainCount checker - they both have custom visitors.

If the notes are generic (could apply to symbols from any checker). You should add/enhance visitors in BugReporterVisitor.cpp. Please, let us know if you decide to take this direction and need more help.

> I also tried marking the sval (and the sval->getAsSymbol()) as important, as
> Anna suggested, but that didn't seem to do anything... I think it would have
> satisfied me, but I cannot make it work. 

My previous explanation was not right. Currently, interesting symbols are only used to find out if a function call along analyzes path is interesting - or important to step into during diagnostics. 

> Anna, Can you please help here?
> Thanks, Yuval.
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