[cfe-dev] clang attributes to disable asan/tsan/msan

Dean Sutherland dsutherland at cert.org
Mon Feb 18 08:15:51 PST 2013

I like Jean-Daniel's suggestion.  One possible improvement:  Make two such attributes.  One could be called static_safety_analysis and the other dynamic_safety_analysis.  The result might look like this:

__attribute__((static_safety_analysis("memory",…), dynamic_safety_analysis("thread", …)))

Even better if the arguments included both foo and nofoo versions (e.g., "memory" or "no_memory").

Someone else should suggest more felicitous spellings for both the attributes and the arguments.


On Feb 18, 2013, at 8:45 AM, Jean-Daniel Dupas <devlists at shadowlab.org> wrote:
> Just a though, but instead of creating new attribute for each analyze, wouldn't it be possible to define a single parameterized attribute which would take parameters similar to the one passed to the --sanitize option ?
> __attribute__((safety_analysis("memory", "thread", …)))
> -- Jean-Daniel

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