[cfe-dev] How to demangle _ZN3foocvPT_I3barEEv?

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at kde.org
Mon Feb 11 06:53:24 PST 2013

On Monday 11 February 2013 14:06:45 fakju666 wrote:
> Can anyone tell me what this is supposed to demangle to:
> _ZN3foocvPT_I3barEEv
> I got this in a call graph generated by opt, and this is the only name that
> c++filt can't process. I think the problem is with the "T_" identifier,
> because c++filt is happy if I replace it with "S_":
> foo::operator foo<bar>*()

Could it be something like:

template<template<typename S> class T> 
foo<T>::operator T<bar>*()

"T_" seems to indicate a template dependent name.
I don't know where you got that symbol from.

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