[cfe-dev] Proposal: A "Const tool" for clang

Sean Silva silvas at purdue.edu
Mon Feb 4 23:06:45 PST 2013

> Batch
> [...]
> Repeat this process as long as progress ensues.

Have you done a ballpark estimate of how much resident memory this
would need for, say LLVM's codebase? Are you planning to do this
entirely in-core? If not, then how are you planning to make this

> Interactive
> Pick as specific function parameter or method and make it const.
> This would involve checking all of the routines that it calls with that parameter, and making changes to fix their interfaces (if necessary).

This seems pretty ambitious. AFAIK nobody has even written a robust
and useful tool based on Clang that coherently lets you pick a
function and see all the call sites in a codebase (otherwise I would
be using it!). I would recommend starting with just that aspect. My
impression is that the new Modules functionality that dgregor is
working on will go a long way to making this easier, so pragmatically
your time might be best spent helping to move that feature along.

-- Sean Silva

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