[cfe-dev] Error in Tutorial for building tools using LibTooling and LibASTMatchers

Pedro Delgado Perez pedro.delgadoperez at mail.uca.es
Mon Feb 4 09:44:00 PST 2013

Thank you both,

I started from scratch and I didn't get that error this time, but I got another one:

> [1204/2049] Linking CXX executable bin/opt
> FAILED: : && /usr/bin/c++  -fPIC -fvisibility-inlines-hidden -Wno-uninitialized -fno-rtti  tools/opt/CMakeFiles/opt.dir/AnalysisWrappers.cpp.o tools/opt/CMakeFiles/opt.dir/GraphPrinters.cpp.o tools/opt/CMakeFiles/opt.dir/PrintSCC.cpp.o tools/opt/CMakeFiles/opt.dir/opt.cpp.o -o bin/opt -rdynamic lib/libLLVMAArch64AsmParser.a lib/libLLVMAArch64Disassembler.a lib/libLLVMARMCodeGen.a lib/libLLVMARMAsmParser.a lib/libLLVMARMDisassembler.a lib/libLLVMCppBackendCodeGen.a lib/libLLVMHexagonCodeGen.a lib/libLLVMMipsCodeGen.a lib/libLLVMMipsAsmParser.a lib/libLLVMMipsDisassembler.a lib/libLLVMMBlazeCodeGen.a lib/libLLVMMBlazeAsmParser.a lib/libLLVMMBlazeDisassembler.a lib/libLLVMMSP430CodeGen.a lib/libLLVMNVPTXCodeGen.a lib/libLLVMPowerPCCodeGen.a lib/libLLVMSparcCodeGen.a lib/libLLVMX86CodeGen.a lib/libLLVMX86AsmParser.a lib/libLLVMX86Disassembler.a lib/libLLVMXCoreCodeGen.a lib/libLLVMXCoreDisassembler.a lib/libLLVMBitReader.a lib/libLLVMAsmParser.a lib/libLLVMBitWriter.a lib/libLLVMInstrumentation.a lib/libLLVMipo.a lib/libLLVMAArch64CodeGen.a lib/libLLVMARMDesc.a lib/libLLVMCppBackendInfo.a lib/libLLVMHexagonAsmPrinter.a lib/libLLVMHexagonDesc.a lib/libLLVMMipsDesc.a lib/libLLVMMBlazeDesc.a lib/libLLVMMSP430Desc.a lib/libLLVMNVPTXDesc.a lib/libLLVMPowerPCDesc.a lib/libLLVMSparcDesc.a lib/libLLVMX86Desc.a lib/libLLVMXCoreDesc.a lib/libLLVMVectorize.a lib/libLLVMAArch64Desc.a lib/libLLVMAArch64Info.a lib/libLLVMAsmPrinter.a lib/libLLVMSelectionDAG.a lib/libLLVMARMAsmPrinter.a lib/libLLVMARMInfo.a lib/libLLVMHexagonInfo.a lib/libLLVMMipsAsmPrinter.a lib/libLLVMMipsInfo.a lib/libLLVMMBlazeAsmPrinter.a lib/libLLVMMBlazeInfo.a lib/libLLVMMSP430AsmPrinter.a lib/libLLVMMSP430Info.a lib/libLLVMNVPTXAsmPrinter.a lib/libLLVMNVPTXInfo.a lib/libLLVMPowerPCAsmPrinter.a lib/libLLVMPowerPCInfo.a lib/libLLVMSparcInfo.a lib/libLLVMX86AsmPrinter.a lib/libLLVMX86Info.a lib/libLLVMXCoreAsmPrinter.a lib/libLLVMXCoreInfo.a lib/libLLVMAArch64AsmPrinter.a lib/libLLVMMCParser.a lib/libLLVMCodeGen.a lib/libLLVMX86Utils.a lib/libLLVMObjCARCOpts.a lib/libLLVMScalarOpts.a lib/libLLVMInstCombine.a lib/libLLVMTransformUtils.a lib/libLLVMipa.a lib/libLLVMAnalysis.a lib/libLLVMTarget.a lib/libLLVMCore.a lib/libLLVMMC.a lib/libLLVMObject.a lib/libLLVMSupport.a -lrt -ldl -lpthread && :
> collect2: ld terminado con la señal 9 [Terminado (killed)]
> [1204/2049] Linking CXX executable bin/llc
> ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.
Could it be a lack of memory proble or is it another kind of problem?

El dia 04 feb 2013 14:28, Kim Gräsman <kim.grasman at gmail.com> escribió:
> Pedro,
> On Mon, Feb 4, 2013 at 2:00 PM, Pedro Delgado Perez
> <pedro.delgadoperez at mail.uca.es> wrote:
>> Thank you very much, Manuel, but should I have to make again the rest of
>> the instructions?
>> I made what you told me and now, when I run
>> cmake -G Ninja ../llvm -DLLVM_BUILD_TESTS=ON
>> I get the next error:
>> CMake Error: The source "/usr/llvm/llvm/CMakeLists.txt" does not match the
>> source "/usr/llvm/CMakeLists.txt" used to generate cache. Re-run cmake with
>> a different source directory.
> It still sounds like you have llvm checked out directly into the
> top-level llvm directory.
> You need a top-level directory that's with build and the llvm checkout
> side-by-side, e.g.
> ~/dev/
> llvm-root/ <-- This is the top-level directory I'm talking about
> build/ <-- This is the build directory you create
> llvm/ <-- This is the checkout from SVN
> If you follow the getting started instructions to the letter, this is
> what you should have.
> - Kim
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