[cfe-dev] [Announcement] Call For 3.3 Testers!

Bill Wendling wendling at apple.com
Mon Apr 29 13:12:57 PDT 2013

Hear ye! Hear ye! This is a call for testers for the 3.3 release!!!

What's Expected

You might be asking yourself, "Self, I would like to be an LLVM tester for the 3.3 release, but I don't know what's involved in being one." Well, ask yourself no more! Not only do I have the answers for you, but talking to yourself will cause people to avoid you.

Here's a short list of things you're expected to do:

1) You will maintain a machine for the duration of testing. Updating the OS or tools would add extra variables to the equation that may delay testing. So we expect your machine to be stable the whole time.

2) You will compile the previous release (3.2) and then run the full test suite for that release. This is your baseline for future testing.

3) When the newest release candidate is announced, you'll download the release candidate's sources, compile them, and run the regression tests.

4) Assuming that the regression tests passed, you will then run the full test suite.

5) You will compare the results from (4) with the full test suite results from the last release (the baseline you generated in (2)).

6) If there are no regressions in (5), then you will package up a tar-ball of the binaries you generated and send them to me. I'll post those binaries on the website so that others may test with them.

7) Most importantly: You are expected to file PR reports for *any* issues you run into.

8) And, of course, put up with me pestering you to get things done. :-)

We have scripts to compile and run the tests for the release candidates. You're expected to complete your testing fairly quickly so that we can get the binaries out to the community for further testing. ("Fairly quickly" here is intentionally vague. Some machines aren't fast, or people don't have time for an immediate response. But we would like to have binaries before the week is up. :-) )

We plan for two iterations of the above type of testing, with a week in between them to allow for bug fixing. If we have show stoppers after the second round, we will need to add a third round of testing, but we strive to avoid that as much as possible. The whole process takes roughly a month to do.

Here are some of the platforms we currently support:

* Mac OS X (64-bit)
* FreeBSD (32- and 64-bit)
* Linux (32- and 64-bit)
* Windows (experimental)

If you are interested in being a testers, please send me an email and let me know which platform you'd like to test!!

Share and enjoy!

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