[cfe-dev] GSoC project ideas

Marshall Clow mclow.lists at gmail.com
Mon Apr 29 07:38:16 PDT 2013

On Apr 29, 2013, at 7:16 AM, "Vane, Edwin" <edwin.vane at intel.com> wrote:

>> 8 Generate a diff of the changes
>> =================================
>>   Add an option to print a diff of the modifications against the
>>   original source file.
> Could be useful as a kind of 'dry-run' mode where changes are not actually made but one could find out how many and what sort of changes were made.

I'd rate this as low priority.
There are lots of diffing programs out there. git/svn/hg/whatever your source control system is will do this for you.

Of course, (since it was my idea), I'd like to suggest the "tr1 killer" as a project.  ;-)

-- Marshall

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