[cfe-dev] GSoC Proposal: Improve Windows Support

Timur Iskhodzhanov timurrrr at google.com
Thu Apr 25 00:21:17 PDT 2013

2013/4/25 endlessroad1991 at gmail.com <endlessroad1991 at gmail.com>:
> What's the current status of clang on Windows?
We're working on it :)
With my local patches I can build reasonably complex source code.
We're in progress upstreaming them but it'll take some time to polish
them before review/commit process.

> I tried llvm & clang r180250 with MSVC 2012, with "clang++ -Xclang -cxx-abi
> -Xclang microsoft -c 1.cpp"
> 1. Can't parse MSVC headers. <iostream>, in this case
iostream is a tough guy - I think clang can't even compile Linux
headers in the Microsoft ABI mode.
One has to support virtual inheritance to build iostream<> as both
basic_istream<> and basic_ostream<> virtually inherit from
And we're not working with virtual inheritance correctly in this ABI yet.

> 2. Even if I specified -cxxabi microsoft, "dumpbin /disasm 1.o" gives wrong
> mangled name: _Z1fi for "void f(int)",instead of cl compiled
> object(?f@@YAXH at Z)
That looks wrong, symbols are usually mangled correctly to me.
Can you run with -v and make sure there are no "unknown command line
argument" warnings?

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