[cfe-dev] GSoC Proposal: Improve Windows Support

endlessroad1991 at gmail.com endlessroad1991 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 19 21:16:44 PDT 2013

Hi all,
First, congratulations on full C++11 support :)

I want to propose "improving windows support" as a GSoC project. By
"windows support", I mean using msvc headers & linker, not the mingw
Last time I checked(clang 3.2 release), clang can't produce executable
files on Windows because of some linker error. So what's the current status
and what's the major problem here?
- Win32/64 ABI, including name mangling, calling convention, etc?
- PE/COFF object file generation?
- Frontend compatibility with MSVC C++ headers?
I see quite some issues about windows, but it seems that their priority is
not very high. So I think may jump in and try to sweep them.

I understand that Windows isn't a first-class target for clang, but I
believe making clang usable on Windows will benefit lots of developers.

Some things about myself: I'm Tong Shen, a master candidate in China.
I have submitted a patch for supporting __declspec(property) grammar and
the patch is accepted. It's all frontend work.
I ported Android Java VM(dalvik VM) to a experiment OS(a simple OS used in
our OS class project), which involves ELF file parsing & execution, dynamic
library loading, implementing missing syscall, etc.

So what do you think?

Best Regards, Tong Shen (沈彤)
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