[cfe-dev] clang on BGQ

Michael Kruse cfe-dev at meinersbur.de
Wed Apr 17 10:06:37 PDT 2013


there is a backend for BG/Q CNKs available here:
(The .bin file is a .tar.gz)

It contains a wrapper script "bgclang" that will link against the CNK
CRT. To run on Juqueen, you will need to patch the clang driver to put
the directory /usr/lib64 after the cross-compile specific library
search paths. Otherwise it will try to link the frontend CRT. Also you
will need to edit hard-coded paths in a lot of places.

For also using MPI on the nodes, there are MPI compiler wrappers
available with the older patches at

It also generates QPX intrinsics, but in my experience so far, it's buggy.

I have clang running on Juqueen. If you are interested, it might be
easier to copy my files.

Good luck,
Michael Kruse

2013/4/17 Paolo Crosetto <p.crosetto at fz-juelich.de>:
> Dear developers,
> I recently compiled the git snapshot of clang on an IBM Blue Gene/Q
> supercomputer, however the compiler produces executables for the
> front-end node, while I should cross-compile to create executables for
> the compute nodes. I tried to gather some information googling how
> to set up a clang cross compiler but I couldn't figure it out. Does
> anyone have suggestions?
> Thanks!
> Paolo
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