[cfe-dev] clang does not support extern for OpenCL

Liu, Yaxun (Sam) Yaxun.Liu at amd.com
Sun Apr 14 16:54:30 PDT 2013

Thanks. I got it.

For those who are curious, the command line is like

clang -cc1 -cl-std=CL1.2  tmp.cl


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You need to set the cl-std value to 1.2. By default its 1.1.


On Apr 12, 2013, at 2:40 PM, "Liu, Yaxun (Sam)" <Yaxun.Liu at amd.com<mailto:Yaxun.Liu at amd.com>> wrote:

I was trying to compile a simple OpenCL source with clang:

extern int foo(int, int);

I got an error msg:

clang.exe : tmp.cl:1:1: error: OpenCL does not support the 'extern' storage class specifier

OpenCL spec 1.2 says:
The typedef, extern, and static storage-class specifiers are supported.

Is this a bug? Or did I miss anything? Thanks.


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