[cfe-dev] Parsing headers with libclang and retrieve information

Matthieu Brucher matthieu.brucher at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 02:12:56 PDT 2013


I'm trying to replace my old code generator based on gccxml by clang and
according to the doc, libclang seemed better fitted than writting a fully
fledge standalone or a plugin.
I've started with the Python bindings, but I couldn't figure out several
- when I get a type like std::vector<something>, with display name I can
get vector<something>, but I never can retrieve the std::. Is there a way
of doing so?
- when I parse headers, I can get the arguments types of a function/method
prototype, but not their name. Is there a way of doing so?

I've seen many bindings for libclang in Python. Will the current bindings
be upgraded at some point? (for instance, I've a binding with a better
AccessSpecifier handling mecanism)

Perhaps I'm not using the correct approach for this job, so feel free to
point me directions!


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