[cfe-dev] clang static analyzer fails to find bug it foundpreviously

Dennis Cote DennisC at harding.ca
Wed Apr 3 13:57:28 PDT 2013

Hi Anna,


Thanks for the confirmation. I saw that the cplusplus.NewDelete checker
was shown as alpha in the scan-build help, but I didn't think it would
have been released and then made alpha later. I though one of the other
checker must have detected the bug.


So my next question is how do I manually enable it? Since I am using
Cmake, and it hard coded the compiler paths, I have had to set the
compilers to ccc-analyzer and c++-analyzer. 


The "-enable-checker alpha.cplusplus.NewDelete" option can be passed to
scan-build, but it does not seem to work. I get the same error reports
with and without that option. 


I tried passing the option as a CFLAG to c++-analyzer but that fails
with a "no such file" error. 


Any other ideas?


Dennis Cote


From: Anna Zaks

The reported issue had disappeared because we had just disabled the
cplusplus.NewDelete checker (in r178529), which Anton worked on. We felt
it was not ready for its prime time yet. That checker is in active
development now. You can enable it manually though scan-build, but it's
alpha for now. 




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