[cfe-dev] unraveling libcxxabi/libcxx

David Fang fang at csl.cornell.edu
Tue Apr 2 17:35:32 PDT 2013

 	I'm currently looking into porting libcxx to an ancient system 
(powerpc-darwin8), and I noticed that libcxx depends on libcxxabi. 
However, libcxxabi's sources include headers like <exception> which are 
expected to be in some C++ library.  Does it (mutually) depend on libcxx? 
Maybe this was obvious, but I take it libcxxabi needs a c++11 compiler to 
build, correct?  (This would be fine, as I have stage-1 clang built from 
gcc-4.0/libstdc++.)  Does one {libcxx,libcxxabi} need to be installed 
before the other, or should they be built cross-referencing each others 
include dirs?  In terms of shared-library dependencies, libcxx should link 
to libcxxabi, right?

Is there better documentation somewhere that I don't know about?
All I see are html pages at http://libcxxabi.llvm.org and 


David Fang

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