[cfe-dev] major clang++ regression? - at least on mingw64

G M gmisocpp at gmail.com
Mon Apr 1 14:40:11 PDT 2013

Hello Everyone

I am finding that I can compile but can't run even the smallest of programs
built using clang svn on mingw64 using windows 7 64. The problem has been
there for over a week. No functions work, nothing that puts anything onto
the stack, which is everything, will work.

Attached is the llvm .s file for this program below that doesn't work for
Can somebody take a look and find out what's wrong. If anybody could fix
this it would be great as it's holding me up.

If you compile with with asserts enabled the assert should fire if your
machine is exhibiting the problem.

On Windows you can use echo %ERRORLEVEL% to see the result too at the
command prompt.

By the way since I'm posting here, the cmake file for llvm seems to be
broken. But I'll post more on that mailing list.


#include <cassert>
inline int f( int x )
 assert( x == 42 );
    return x == 42 ? 0 : -1;
int main()
    const int x = 42;
    return f(x);
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