[cfe-dev] Diagnostics in plugins fail with assert

Florian Weimer fweimer at redhat.com
Wed Sep 19 04:06:47 PDT 2012

On 09/14/2012 02:36 PM, Florian Weimer wrote:

> This seems to affect all error reporting from plugins.  Is some
> initialization step missing from the example plugin?
> This happens with clang trunk (r163897) compiled on Fedora 17 (x86_64),
> in Release and Debug+Asserts builds.

It turns out that this was caused by compiling the plugin in C++11 mode. 
  It's quite well-known that the libstdc++ ABI changes when switching to 
C++11 mode, but I mistakenly assumed that this would lead to more 
obvious failures.  (I had to look at disassembly before I realized what 
was going on.)

Florian Weimer / Red Hat Product Security Team

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