[cfe-dev] Is ARC expected to work on ARM?

陳韋任 (Wei-Ren Chen) chenwj at iis.sinica.edu.tw
Tue Sep 18 05:12:53 PDT 2012

Hi all,

  I am working on making clang test cases pass on ARM. I found test cases
under ARCMT directory are failed, but this is contradict to what the
website [1] says (at least to me):

  ARC is supported in Xcode 4.2 for OS X v10.6 and v10.7 (64-bit
  applications) and for iOS 4 and iOS 5.

Aren't iOS ran on ARM device? I think this implies ARC should work on
ARM. Anyone can give comments on this? Thanks. 



Wei-Ren Chen (陳韋任)
Computer Systems Lab, Institute of Information Science,
Academia Sinica, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel:886-2-2788-3799 #1667
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