[cfe-dev] Replacing (a subset of) gccxml by a clang plugin

Sylvain Joyeux sylvain.joyeux at m4x.org
Sat Sep 15 01:12:03 PDT 2012

(Please CC me as I am not subscribed to this list)

Hello. I have a few questions on how I could replace gccxml by a clang
plugin in some tooling I have.

What I need is:
  1. discovery of all the types. I need only the fields (don't care
about members), their visibility and whether classes have virtual
methods / base classes
  2. binary layout of the fields (i.e. offsets from beginning of the

Where I got so far:
  * the information in 1. are given by RecordDecl, which can be
discovered by registering an ASTConsumer (method HandleTagDecl)

What I miss:
  * how can I get the information from 2 ?

Thanks in advance for comments / pointers

Sylvain Joyeux

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