[cfe-dev] -Wunreachable-code vs -Wcovered-switch-default

Magnus Reftel magnus.reftel at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 00:40:14 PDT 2012

Hi all,

consider the following example code:

#include <stdlib.h>

enum e {E1, E2};

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
        enum e e = atoi(argv[argc-1]);
                case E1: return 1;
                case E2: return 2;
                default: return 3;

If compiled with Clang with -Wcovered-switch-default, it rightly warns
about the default case. This can be suppressed when intentional by
using -Wno-covered-switch-default. If compiled with
-Wunreachable-code, it will also warn on that line, but it seems that
that warning cannot be silenced when intentional without also
silencing all other occurrences of unreachable code in the file
("-Wunreachable-code -Wno-covered-switch-default" still warns).

I'd like to get warnings if there is unreachable code in the general
case, but not have it warn on covered switch defaults. Is there a way
of accomplishing that?

Best Regards
Magnus Reftel

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