[cfe-dev] cindex.py & cmake builds of clang

Anders Waldenborg anders at 0x63.nu
Wed May 9 00:39:20 PDT 2012

On Mon, May 07, 2012 at 01:30:18PM +0200, Arnaud de Grandmaison wrote:
> Hi all,
> When building clang using cmake, libclang is actually named
> 'liblibclang' to avoid a file collision on Windows.
> It seems to me the cindex.py should be able to cope with both flavours,
> as it can not know for sure how the libclang library was generated.
> The attached patch teach cindex.py to attempt to load 'liblibclang' in
> case the loading of 'libclang' failed.

I not sure I fully understand all the details of this issue, but I
think a way to solve the clang.dll collission issue would be to simply
rename libclang.

IMHO the 'libclang.so' name isn't very descriptive, to me it more
sounds like the full C++ clang api. The lib contains the Index.h C
api, so why couldn't it be named libcindex.so (or cindex.dll) or
libclangindex.so or something similar. (libclang-c.so if other parts
than the index is expected to be added).

The problem with renaming would ofcourse be existing integrations
linking to it, but for darwin/linux a symlink from libclang.so ->
libcindex.so could be created.

Just my 0.02


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