[cfe-dev] __has_attribute in system headers

Tijl Coosemans tijl at freebsd.org
Wed Feb 22 02:49:21 PST 2012


Currently only __has_attribute(attr) seems to work but not
__has_attribute(__attr__), which means it cannot safely be used in
system headers because applications may define attr. The same goes for
things like __has_extension(attribute_deprecated_with_message).

Should support for these alternative spellings be added?

PS: I also noticed __has_attribute(const) produces an error:

test.c:3:5: error: builtin feature check macro requires a parenthesized identifier
#if     __has_attribute(const)
test.c:3:26: error: expected end of line in preprocessor expression                                 
#if     __has_attribute(const)
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