[cfe-dev] Building libc++ on Linux

Jeffrey Yasskin jyasskin at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 21:19:31 PST 2012

When building libc++ on a clean Linux system (through cmake), it
complains that it can't find cxxabi.h. This is sensible because
cxxabi.h lives at /usr/include/c++/4.6/cxxabi.h, right next to all the
other C++ library headers, and the libc++ build passes -nostdinc++ to
avoid accidentally including those.

What's the right way to fix this? Options include:

1) Document that linux users should copy or symlink cxxabi.h from
their c++ include directory into /usr/include
2) Teach clang to find cxxabi.h in the C++ library directories even
with -nostdinc++
3) Have the libc++ build process find cxxabi.h and copy it into the
libc++ include directory as part of the build.
4) ???
5) Profit!


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