[cfe-dev] Missing ReturnStmt?

Zong zong_y365 at 163.com
Mon Feb 6 01:55:29 PST 2012

 Dear All,

I have a very simple clang analyzer checker code snippet like below,

using namespace clang;
using namespace ento;

namespace {
  class myChecker: public Checker< check::PreStmt<Stmt> >  {
    void checkPreStmt(const Stmt *S, CheckerContext &Ctx) const ;


void myChecker::checkPreStmt(const Stmt *S, CheckerContext &Ctx) const {

This analyzer was then fed with the test code:

int main()
  int *b;
  int *c;
   return 0;

Why can't I observe a "ReturnStmt"?
If I change "*c=b" with something other (e.g., b=c), then "ReturnStmt" appears.  I just can't figure out the reason. Would someone please help me ? Thanks!

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