[cfe-dev] Building iOS Apps on Linux, Windows and PowerPC Mac OS X

Don Quixote de la Mancha quixote at dulcineatech.com
Mon Apr 30 20:04:11 PDT 2012

On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 10:18 AM, Chris Lattner <clattner at apple.com> wrote:
> This whole thread is completely off-topic for this list.

I didn't actually intend for it to be, honest!

What I was actually hoping to get out of posting my original question
was some hand holding with building ARM Darwin CLang/LLVM compilers on
platforms other than Intel OS X.

Anyone who wants to continue discussing Warp Life's licensing with me,
email me privately at quixote at dulcineatech.com  Let me know if it
would be OK to CC you publicly to everyone discussing it, or if you
would prefer I BCC you privately, so other recipients of the mail
don't see your name and email address.

I've been planning to set up some mailing lists at my own domain.
This would be a good time for that.

The best list I've found for discussing any kind of licensing at all
is debian-legal.  You don't really have to be discussing debian
itself, just some license that appears somewhere in debian.

I'm going to get started by building the current source on 32-bit
Intel Snow Leopard OS X, which should be almost but not quite the
best-supported platform the CLang and LLVM toolchains that target the
iOS (the best being 64-bit, but I don't have such a box yet).

My previous struggle with getting a toolchain to target the platform I
was building it on was Ubuntu, I think 10.04, but maybe 11.04.  I
don't clearly recall.

But that was quite a long time ago.  The chances are pretty good that
my problem has since been fixed.  It had something to do with a
configure script failing while bootstrapping llvm-gcc.

I was trying to build straight out of the repository, starting with
the GCC on Ubuntu, without using any previously released or installed
CLang or LLVM, despite that I could get them with Ubuntu.

Quite likely a full "Tabula Rasa" toolchain build was, at least at the
time, not adequately tested.  I expect most CLang and LLVM developers
would build new version of the tools with old versions of the same
tools, then recompile the new version with the first build of the new

The actual configure problems I have were something really, really
cryptic in the shell scripts that I was completely unable to make any
sense of.  The problem wasn't in any of our code, it was in the GNU
autoconf stuff.

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