[cfe-dev] Create a Mach-O object from Windows?

Don Quixote de la Mancha quixote at dulcineatech.com
Wed Apr 25 21:03:49 PDT 2012

>> I'm brand new to using Clang, and I wondered if it was possible to compile say an Objective-C file into a Mach-O object file from Windows. I would like to use my PC as a compile machine for DistCC, and have that be called from a Mac, since my PC is much more powerful than the mac.

Look into the way the Lilypond music score engraver is built:


Unfortunately I couldn't find the page you actually need to read.
They seem to have revised their build system from what they used when
I was writing down my piano scores.  They called it the "GRand Unified
Build System", and it would generate binaries for a whole bunch of
different platforms on a Linux box, or perhaps a cluster of Linux

My understanding though is that it was very difficult for newbies to
get the Lilypond GRUB to actually work.

in general CLang and LLVM should work fine for cross-compiling.
That's what one does when building iOS Apps on Mac OS X for example.

> Thanks for any information

Yer Welcome.
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