[cfe-dev] Where to put upcoming refcatoring tools

Stephen Kelly steveire at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 09:03:10 PDT 2012

Manuel Klimek wrote:
> Does
> Expresssion(AllOf(
>   HasType(...),
>   Not(ImplicitCast())
> work?

Unfortunately not. The Not(ImplicitCast()) also makes no difference.

I tried adding a ConstructorCall() in there too, guessing that would match 
the implicit ctor calls, but that just excluded all matches from the result.

I put a call to Arg->dump() in my MatchCallback implementation. It doesn't 
help me, but maybe you can see how I need to define my match with that? My 
input is this now:

    QString foo("bar");
    QObject o;


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