[cfe-dev] Where to put upcoming refcatoring tools

Stephen Kelly steveire at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 03:56:31 PDT 2012

Manuel Klimek wrote:
> You can work around this for now by making sure that the compiler that
> you configured as the compiler in the project where you created the
> compile_commands.json (more specifically, the argv[0] in the "command"
> entries in that file) is a clang installation where
> basepath(argv[0])/../lib/clang/3.2/include  (or 3.1 depending on
> whether you have a clang version pre-cut) exists.
> The bug is that the tooling hands the full compile command line from
> the compile_commands.json to the driver, which uses the argv[0] of
> that to find its builtin includes. The fix is to replace this with the
> current tool's argv[0] for the calls.

Great, thanks. 

I got the example running and working, so now I will see what more I can 
learn about the tooling APIs. I've had a read through ASTMatchers.h, so that 
looks like a good start.



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