[cfe-dev] XCode 4.3 and Clang vs AppCode static analysis question.

Seamus McGowan seamus.mcgowan at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 07:31:52 PDT 2012


Please bear with me, I'm new to iOS development and Objective-C.

We have our XCode project setup to perform static analysis and have never seen the analyzer generate a message to date. I use AppCode to edit my code and I decided to evaluate its project level static analysis.

AppCode picked up 54 ivars that were not properly de-allocated. At least 50 of these were legit, (we nailed a couple memory leaks in fact.)

Should Clang have identified these?

I have attempted to run Clang from the command line to see if its an issue with the XCode project but encounter this error:
	clang: error: unsupported option '--serialize-diagnostics'

(I'm trying to find out what this option is and where its set in the project.)

NB, This project was originally started in XCode 4 , pre-ARC, and I have no idea if the project required tweaks or fixes in order to build.

Any pointers in understanding the capabilities of clang and how to work with it properly would be appreciated.


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