[cfe-dev] clang 3.1 (trunk at r154095) + mingw gcc 4.6.2 slowness

Jon jon.forums at gmail.com
Sun Apr 8 17:32:50 PDT 2012

> How about adding LDFLAGS=-static (or similarly linking libstdc++ as static)?

Well, that's almost magical. Thanks for the tip as it makes clang+mingw much more usable.

With LDFLAGS=-static, I get the following on the trivial https://github.com/thecodeshop/w32time test case:

# MinGW GCC 4.6.2
timer make
real    0.592
system  0.078
user    0.000

# clang 3.1 (trunk 154297)
timer make CC=c:/clang/bin/clang.exe
c:/clang/bin/clang.exe -O2 -o w32time.exe -Wall w32time.c
real    0.594
system  0.046
user    0.031

And -v/-### shows clang still calling gcc in order to invoke as.exe and collect2.exe.

FWIW, this static clang+mingw also configured/built Ruby on Win7 in about the same time as MinGW 4.6.2.

I see clang/clang++ (~22.5MB not stripped) and clang.dll (~12.6MB) are roughly the same size as those not built with LDFLAGS=-static. What exactly did LDFLAGS=-static change?

Static clang is my new build configuration for experimenting. Any downsides or other tradeoffs I should be aware of?


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