[cfe-dev] clang 3.1 (trunk at r154095) + mingw gcc 4.6.2 slowness

Jon jon.forums at gmail.com
Sun Apr 8 07:12:56 PDT 2012

> > # Clang 3.1 (trunk at r154095)
> > timer make CC=c:/clang/bin/clang.exe
> > c:/clang/bin/clang.exe -O2 -o w32time.exe -Wall w32time.c
> You could start by adding -v to see what it is actually invoking.

Of course. I used -v and -### so I could say "...the slowness is due to the `clang` driver having to use the `gcc` driver to assemble and link."

As a newcomer to the codebase, I'm not being critical of the current build performance. Far from it, I think it's incredible that it's so easy to build clang from svn _on_ windows; I understand about tradeoffs.

I'm looking to get more details as scanning the ML archives back to January and searching places like stackoverflow only go so far for understanding the current plans for clang+mingw on windows.

For example:

 * what's the priority of clang+mingw wrt other clang tasks?
 * what's the current plan to optimize? where should one start code spelunking?
 * any different behavior planned for official 3.1?
 * any of the core clang contributors interested enough to take lead on this issue?
 * any hacky short-term workarounds to speed up builds using clang? (likely not)
 * your build config looks OK, but you're doing threading support wrong; do ____.
 * hey, this has already been discussed ad nauseum; go read post ???

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