[cfe-dev] std::tr1::variate_generator

Fletcher, John P j.p.fletcher at aston.ac.uk
Thu Apr 5 14:00:13 PDT 2012


I am attempting to convert some code which compiles with g++ 4.4 to work with Clang31 and libc++.

The code includes  <tr1/random> which exists in the g++ includes but not in libcxx/include.

libc++ does have a file <random> which does have most of the things needed but not the template class variate_generator defined like this in <tr1/random>

  template<typename _Engine, typename _Dist>
    class variate_generator

Is there an equivalent in libc++ or should I just import the g++ 4.4 file?



P.S.  The full set of defines being made in the code are:

    std::tr1::mt19937 uint_gen;
    std::tr1::uniform_real<double> uniform_dist;
    std::tr1::variate_generator< std::tr1::mt19937, std::tr1::uniform_real<double> > uniform_gen;
    std::tr1::normal_distribution<double> normal_dist;
    std::tr1::variate_generator< std::tr1::mt19937, std::tr1::normal_distribution<double> > normal_gen;

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