[cfe-dev] cling

Axel Naumann Axel.Naumann at cern.ch
Fri Jul 29 04:27:14 PDT 2011

Hi Alexei,

Great hearing from you!

On 07/29/2011 04:20 AM, Alexei Svitkine wrote:
> I think some of the early work in cling was based in some ways on
> ccons, 

Absolutely! cling was turned inside out several times, and now the core
is stable and functional enough that we wanted to go "public". C++ is
not C ;-)

Btw, the missing semicolon you refer to is our way of signaling that you
want to see the result of an expression.

> As a successor to my ccons prototype, the only thing I'd like to see
> in cling is to have a mode that is strict and faithful to C (and
> another to C++), without any CINT extensions.

We absolutely agree. Disabling of extensions is currently only partially

Thanks for your support back then that got us started, and for your
helpful comments now!

Cheers, Axel.

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