[cfe-dev] cpp difference between gcc and clang?

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Thu Jul 7 07:49:40 PDT 2011


RTEMS uses preprocessed assembly files (.S).
I have a small test case which compiles
with i386 gcc and not with clang from the svn

#define EXPAND0(x) x
#define CONCAT0(a,b) EXPAND0(a)EXPAND0(b)

#define SYM(x) CONCAT0 (__USER_LABEL_PREFIX__, x)


.set RUNCONTEXT_ARG,   4                   /* save context argument */
.set HEIRCONTEXT_ARG,  8                   /* restore context argument */


$ clang -c set_asm.S
/tmp/cc-Y6Q2YB.s:14:24: error: unexpected token in assignment
.set HEIRCONTEXT_ARG, 8_label:

This is a cut down and if I simplify it much more,
it works.

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