[cfe-dev] Converting RecordLayout fields to CharUnits

Ken Dyck kd at kendyck.com
Mon Jan 31 18:04:03 PST 2011

On Sat, Jan 29, 2011 at 10:48 AM, Ken Dyck <kd at kendyck.com> wrote:
> The RecordLayout class has several fields that are stored in bit units
> but appear (at least on X86 Linux) to always hold values that are
> multiples of char size. Specifically:
>  - Size
>  - DataSize
>  - Alignment
>  - CXXRecordLayoutInfo::NonVirtualSize
>  - CXXRecordLayoutInfo::NonVirtualAlign
> Am I right in assuming that these values are always multiples of the
> char size? If so, is there any reason why they shouldn't be converted
> to CharUnits?

I take from that lack of responses that there are not any strong
objections to proceeding with a conversion to CharUnits. The first of
the changes is committed as 124646.


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