[cfe-dev] which libs do I need to link to build the c-index-test?

Douglas Gregor dgregor at apple.com
Fri Jan 14 07:26:17 PST 2011

On Jan 14, 2011, at 12:47 AM, Asm warrior wrote:

> Hi, I'm a mingw user, and I have succefully build llvm+clang under 
> msys+mingw. (yes, c-index-test build Ok under MSYS).
> Now, I just copy the source code: (renamed it as main.cpp to my 
> codeblocks project)
> E:\svn_llvm\llvm\tools\clang\tools\c-index-test\c-index-test.c
> then, I try to add some include search path and lib search path.

c-index-test should only need to link against libclang, since it uses the C interface to Clang.

	- Doug

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