[cfe-dev] clang compiling complex reports err

way_lzl at sina.com way_lzl at sina.com
Tue Jan 4 01:08:24 PST 2011

No, _Complex is used in MSVC's math.h. 

line 135: _CRTIMP double  __cdecl _cabs(__in struct _complex _Complex);
Then if I use math.h with Clang on windows, what should I do?
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Subject: Re: [cfe-dev] clang compiling complex reports err
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2011/1/4 <way_lzl at sina.com>

If I use MSVC's math.h, clang will report err I have formed a simple case to show it:

struct _complex {
double x,y;
} ;

void foo( struct _complex _Complex) {
_Complex.x = 0;
void foo( struct _complex cc) { 
cc.x = 0;

int main()
struct _complex cc;

clang aa.cpp -DSHOWERR=1
aa.cpp(7) : error: '_Complex struct' is invalid
void foo( struct _complex _Complex) {

It seems _Complex is a reserved key word. Any suggestion?

yes clang considers _Complex to be a reserved keyword, MSVC don't. But _Complex is not in MSVC headers, it is in your cod right?
So you can rename that variable. Otherwise feel free to submit a PR or a patch.

We had the same problem with the _Bool keyword.
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